The Head piece (teeka) is a part of the artist’s collection titled Be Clear which uses iridiscent clear glass to create contemporary accessories.

Hand crafted using a world renowned glass art technique akin to Murano glass in Italy, this one-of-a-kind ring is created by melting glass, which on cooling creates a myriad of shapes and colours. The designs are created around the glass pieces by karigars using a brass based alloy. The final product is plated with 18.5 K gold plating.
Fused glass & brass based alloy with 18.5K gold plating.
Care Instruction
To keep the jewelry in their best possible state, keep away from liquids and spirits, store enclosed in a jewelry bag or box and avoid any direct abrasion.
Glass in molten state creates shades and streaks which are inherent to the process of its creation. Kindly expect a 5% variation in glass piece in acknowledgement of it being hand crafted.
Delivery Lead Time
7-10 days
Collection Type

Be Clear – Clear glass

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